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Animated zebrafish, free 3d gif animations

A very sociable little fish

zebrafish badgeZebra fish or Danio rerio belonging to the minnow family. Quite sociable fish just slightly larger than the tetra neons. Look best if you have more than 20 of them in a tank. Easy to keep in an aquarium and good for the newbee. Not expensive to buy, easily available and a popular and active member of any communal fish tank. They can be susceptible to disease. If you manage to breed any be careful because the adults eat their fry.
If you do not mind using animated gifs in a Flash movie it is possible to get very realistic fresh water tropical aquariums with any of our animated fish. I have made some but whenever I have posted any some of my visitors could not resist the temptation to hot link to my website to display them on their blogs and web pages. I can supply free animations but I do not want to pay for hosting them.

animated zebrafish
zebrafish community
getting dizzy
180 degrees

One 3D model used over and over again

This is a very good example of where just one fish model has been used in several different animations. By animating him from all different angles I have managed to get a good selection of graphics, free for you to use or even experiment on.
Maybe I have done enough experimenting on this page but they will always be of use on any tropical fish blog or webpage.