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Young at heart and Kiss me quick animations

Do you fancy me in my kiss me quick hat?

animated strawberryI'm always saying that I'm an old man but Dot will not let me behave like one. I'm fairly fit and healthy and I like to think it is down to the sensible diet and exercise I get. Dot is 7 years younger than me so that helps to keep me in trim as well. I used a photo of myself and placed a kiss me quick hat on it, I bet you girls out there are very envious that I'm such a handsome man although I can be bad tempered and moody at times especially if I do not get my bananas. I made these animations with the older person in mind, your bones may be creaking and you may ache when you get up in the morning but forever stay young at heart.

animated playing card
kiss me quick animation
animated heart
young at heart badge
young hearts
young at heart cube

Young at heart

There is a bit of everything on this page. A playing card taken from the casino page and modified, an animation of myself still waiting for a kiss, one of my favourite spinning hearts, a spinning badge, a young hearts animation made from my animated alphabet collection ( if you have an animation editing program you can make some similar ) and a cute young at heart spinning cube.