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Stop being so bloody rude to me animated gifs

Sometimes you will be in need of animations like this

Spinning help animationIf you are fairly active on the internet there will a time when you need an animation like one of these. I have been around on the web for about 14 years and in that time I have certainly met a few rude people and have even even been accused of being rude myself so if you feel that I am why not send me one of these animations.

Monkey says you are rude   Keep calm, don't be rude   Dave with flying helmet on being rude
Rude monkey   Keep calm. no need for rudeness   Don't stick your tongue out
Rude Dude spinning cube   Uncle Sam says don't be rude   wot No apology
You're Rude Dude.
  Do what Uncle Sam says   Wot - No Apology

Added the Wot no apology for good measure

Morphing rude textI have a webpage with quite a few animated chads (or Kilroys) on and the "wot no apology" is another one I have made suitable for this page. The person with the leather flying helmet and goggles is me, and if you want an animation of me sticking my tongue out this is just the animation you need. The "keep calm" and "I want you to" animations were created using templates that are available on this website, so it is possible to make similar animations using your own text.