All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Yin yangs, free original 3D animated gifs

Experimental Yin yang animation using some different rendering techniques.

Monkey splitting yin yangThe three blue animations are reflecting a cloudy blue sky, maybe reminiscent of a MSN background and was an interesting little experiment. I constructed a shape similar to a lens in the CAD package and then cut out the holes to create a Yin Yang.

In Artlantis I applied a mirror surface to it and made the background a cloudy blue sky, a photo taken one Summers day here in Sevenoaks Kent. I rendered it as a TGA image using the background as an alpha channel.

In Paint Pro I have set up a batch process to remove the background and leave it transparent and then optimized and made it into this cool little animated Yin yang using Jasc Animation Shop

animated yin yang revolving horizontally yin yang erratic spin yin yang vertical spin
black and white yin yang Chinese dragon rotating Balck and white animation
Wrought iron yin-yang Tubular yin yang ying yang spinning

Even monkeys can hold Yin yangs.

Crazy monkey holding yin yangI do like to make something a little different and I think this collection of Yin yangs are not the normal sort of thing that you would find on the internet. I like the monkey at the top of the page trying hard to pull a Yin yang apart and the crazy monkey opposite who will only succeed in making himself dizzy. The dragon design in the middle could be mistaken for something else altogether but it has an abstract oriental quality about it. I drew the original design with felt tip pens, scanned it and applied it to the 3D model as a texture.

An experimental page, like most of my webpages are. Some animations work better than others but that is the story of my life.

Yin yang, often thought of as the balance between good and evil but really a little more complicated. They always interact and are always changing. The interconnection between male and female, hot and cold, slow and fast, the combinations are endless.