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Yes and No animated buttons

Some times you need to answer a question simply.

Monkey says NoI got the inspiration for this webpage when I had answered an email and gone into a detailed explanation of why the answer was no. The reply I got told me that a simple yes or no would have done . I decided to make these animations so that I could use them to answer emails very simply in the future.

I have used a couple of my favourite animations and modified them to suit but I have also created all the text animations from scratch

One must say no
no thank you animation
one must say Yes
animated no
Yes Please animation
yes animation

I can actually see a use for these yes and no animations

Sometimes I make animations of objects that have a very limited use, maybe people will not use them that much but I always have fun making them. With these animations I can see a use, everybody says yes or no many times a day and often it needs to be in an email. You could have fun and use one of these..
They could also be used as buttons on a webpage if you want to ask a question and want a clickable button.

The monkey and nodding face animation were existing animations that I modified. The spinning yes and no animations were created in my CAD software and the "zooming" yes and no were created in Flash first and then exported as animated gifs