All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Visit my website animations. WWW animated gifs

Link buttons that simply say www and others that can be used as a link button.

blue button animationI needed to attract attention to a special link on a webpage I was building for my nephew. I had nothing in my library of 3D models so I thought I would build a www 3D animation. It is quite easy to convert a text line into a solid object in Silverscreen so I did just just that and ended up with three versions ( top row ) I prefer the middle one but you may think differently. Just goes to show that all the animations on this website are original and made by myself. I may not have hundreds of thousands of little 2D animations but what I have what I consider to be good quality animations fit for the best of blogs and websites on the internet

animated www text rotating www text www animation
teddy button Windmill button Robin button
visit my website animation Have a butchers welcome to my website

Bigger and brighter animated buttons

click to see my websiteThe bottom two rows, later additions, are a little more explicit and colorful and actually spell out their intention if you use them as link buttons. I would use them on blogs or as an addition to an e-mail message.
I had already made the models for these and just modified the text graphic. The larger my 3D model library gets the easier it is to make even more original animations. You will see many objects used in different ways and seen from many angles, this is the beauty of using true 3D models.