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World cup animations

The world cup is played every four years and the first tournament was in 1930.

The current World cup illustrated by an animation here has been used since 1974. The last time England won the World cup was 1966


I have made some of the World Cup countries as animations like the flag on the left, you will find a collection of them on my
Google+ profile

They have a transparent background and look best on a light coloured background to a webpage or blog

World cup gif

The world cups were constructed as a rough shape in the CAD package and then rendered with a photograph of the cup. Because I did not have available photos showing all 4 sides of the cup the animation is a little restricted. This does not mean that it will not be improved at a later date. All my animations seem to be in a state of constant modification and improvement, I started making them in the days of the 56k modem and the introduction of broadband gave me a greater scope in making better quality graphics.

The cheeky chick is one of my standard models and was designed by Tom Fry, a brilliant artist, musician and singer who I had the pleasure ( and sometimes complete despair ) of working with for many years. Sometimes I need help for ideas when making animations. The world cup and football used a very similar technique to the clown fish animation. A tutorial is available on how to make it here

animated football chick
World cup animation
World cup football animation
world football
world cup spin
animated football

Some work involved in making these animations

World cup globeBrazucaAll in all there is quite a collection of 3D modelling work on this page.. The football itself really had me stumped for a while, constructing something curved and in pentagonal sections to make a sphere is not easy but I eventually succeeded. The Earth is actually a 3D model and does not have a map rendered onto it, it would have been easier to do it that way. The chick took ages to make and I had to get each leg and body movement to coordinate with the revolving football. It can be be hard work and needs a lot of patience, so often I have finished an animation and it has not worked so I have had to start all over again.

England were hoping to host the World cup in 2018 but Russia succeeded in their bid to host it. It will be hosted in Brazil in 2014 and Qatar in 2022.