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Winston Churchill animations - V for victory

Winston Churchill, a legend in his time

Thatcher or ChurchillYou may think that this is a strange choice for an animation subject and you would not be far wrong. Forty years ago I worked for a wrought iron and art metal company and the owner of the company was a very keen Winston Churchill fan. At one of the exhibitions Winston Churchill had sat on one of the wrought iron chairs to get a breather and of course photographs were taken. I wished I had kept copies of these photographs because from that day on that particular style of chair was called the Churchill.
One day I was asked to make up a plaster of Paris mould of Churchill so that it could be pressed in brass. The revolving brass plaque animation has been made from a photograph of the actual plaque that I made. I do not think many were sold as I left before it was mass produced but I do have one here in my study at home. I did see one a few years back in the Grasshopper on the green at Westerham which was a pleasant surprise. Chartwell Manor, Westerham was the home of Winston Churchill from 1922 to the end of his life so I suppose it was fitting to find one in that pub.

animated churchill button
Winston churchill and flag
churchill globe
Churchill animated cube
Brass plaque of Churchill
Winston Churchill on cube

We could do with a few more Churchill cigars

V for victoryThe V for victory was made from a photograph of my hand, a sign that was Churchill's trade mark, that and a cigar which I need to add to these animations.

The flag was created from my standard model and Winston Churchill had to be modelled in the Cad program before being rendered. The 3D model for the brass plate was quite easy to make and a photograph was then planted onto it. The rotating animation is a very common one on this website because they are very easy to make.