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Animated Windmills. Windmill animations - a study in blue

Is it windy today? The windmill sails are turning nicely.

small windmill link buttonIn Kent we do have a few windmills and I must admit I am fascinated by them. I made the middle windmill first, quite a big construction effort in Silverscreen and rendered it up much like an animated photograph. The sails needed a pivot point and had to be rotated in increments, rendered and converted into several frames to make the animation. Although I was quite pleased with the results I felt that this page needed a windmill with just a transparent background and experimented with different colours. I had seen windmills on wall tiles that had several shades of blue and decided to try and emulate it. This is the result. Incidentally, if you need a reverse image of any animation on this site (As I have done with windmill) it is very easy to mirror an animation with Jasc Animation shop. The small windmill with a blank nameplate underneath was made as a template for a link button, if you have the right software you can add a name in the space provided.

blue windmill animation
windmill animated gif
windmill animated
windmill cube1
windmill reflection
The two blue windmills have a transparent background for use on a light background. They have a Delft Blue windmill flavour about them and I feel would add a touch of class to any website or blog. The bottom row are animations made from windmill photographs, the popular animated cube being used and the free reflect program used to achieve a shimmering water effect.