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Wimbledon Tennis

tennis ballTennis, a good old fashioned English sport but we do not seem to be that good at it. It originated in England in the 19th century and was known as lawn tennis, a term I can remember when I was a kid. I always think of strawberries and cream that are served at Wimbledon, Cliff Richards singing when it is raining as it so often does and the long queues of people camping long before the competition starts to see the matches.
This page is a classic example of how my collection of 3D CAD models can be used for a certain subject. These animations are free and you can modify and use them as you like except please do not add them to any other online collections of animations
. Have fun with my stuff.

wimbledon logo
animated tennis racket
sorry no cream

Sorry, we have no cream to go with the strawberries.

Wimbledon tennis, the oldest and most prestigious championships in the World. Its held every year late in June to the beginning July. Many people take time off from work or even a holiday just to watch non stop tennis which is covered by all the major television channels and on the radio. I will watch it but I do not have the stamina to watch some of the long matches that can take hours to finish. The most interesting matches always seem to take place on the centre court, especially the finals which most people in this country will watch or listen to.
Wimbledon now have a retractable roof for the centre court, which is a very good idea seeing that the heavens seem to open up and it often rains when this tournament is held.