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What's new animated buttons and more

I often update this website and I'm using a Google+ page to let people know about any new animations, click What's new in Sevenoaks Art to find out more.

Type writer typing whats newWhile I was at it I made some what's new animations that can be used on your blogs and websites if you have added some new content or are selling something new etc. As is normal with me some of these animations are a little strange but something may be very suitable for your web page.

It is possible to add a name or phrase of your choice into blank versions of the wheel barrow, monkey or butterfly using an online editor, the link to the blank versions has advice on this.

This website is an Aladdin's cave full of wonderful and amazing animated gifs and they are all free, all you have to do is right click on any of them and download to your computer.

Whats new panda with sign Aircraft with message Swinging sign withwhats new written on it
whats new monkey with guitar wheel barrow whats new whats new butterfly
whats new spinning logo What's new panda whats new monkey spin

I thought it would be better to list updates on Google+.

What's new animated gifEach week I will add information to the Google+ page about any new animations that I have made and anything that will be of interest as well. A Google+ page works better because articles can be archived very easily and hopefully will get better exposure rather than this page which only had a couple of articles on it at a time. There is also a better opportunity for people to interact with me and let me know what they think and what other animations I could make. Sometimes trying to think up ideas for new animations can be very frustrating and at the moment we often make them relating to something that is in the news at that moment in time.
The link for the page is below, you are always welcome to join me and become part of Google+, most people who do are also added to my ordinary Google plus account.

What's new in Sevenoaks Art