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Welsh animations, Welsh symbols - emblems, animated gifs

Dot and Dave's Welsh connections

Prince of Wales feathersMy step father was Welsh, he was adopted by an English couple many years ago when his mother had died and his father had been killed in a pit accident. Because of this he never had a Welsh accent and only his surname gave any indication of his Welsh ancestry. Dots brother has married a Welsh girl and have given their house a Welsh name "Dan y coed" . We have a niece who lives in Bedlinog, a small village in the hills and one day hope to visit her, so we have a few associations with Wales. We have made a few animated Welsh symbols and planted them on this web page for your use. There is no restriction on how you use them apart from adding to other animation collections and credit for our work if used on any web pages is always appreciated. The Prince of Wales feathers is the latest addition to this collection but not necessarily the last

Welsh teddy bear
Welsh daffodils
Welsh animated monkey
welsh dragon
animated leek
Welsh flag

We know, there are many more Welsh symbols

St David's day animationThere are many things associated with Wales; we have included a few on this page which are a the Prince of Wales feathers, Welsh teddy bear, some daffodils, a cheeky Welsh monkey, a Welsh dragon emblem, a leak and the Welsh flag.
Of course we could have added a harp, coal, rugby and the valleys of Wales, and we could do so yet.
If we have not got the animated Welsh symbol you are looking for let me know and I may be able to make it for you.