All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Welcome to my Website animations

Let your visitors know they are very welcome

animated jellyy babyAnd Dot and Dave of Sevenoaks Art really mean that. Make full use of the free selection of original animated gifs made by us. Just a nice little touch to make your web site visitors feel at home and at the same time an animation that is original and a little different from most you will find on the internet. The red and blue badges were specially made for this webpage. The sign, cobweb, robin. acorn, train and spinning messages have been used for other animated gifs that we have made.

welcome to my website animation
welcome swinging sign
welcome spinning badge
welcome badge
welcome cobweb sign
welcome to my website cube
Welcome train
welcome acorn
Welcome robin

They were requested and I eventually made these animations

Over the years we have been asked several times for welcome to my website animations. I eventually got round to making some. Sometimes it can take for ever and a day to do something. Dot had suggested I make these a long time ago. I think these welcome animations are a nice little touch for a new visitor to your blog or website and they will brighten the page up a little. Although we make animations and our pages are loaded with them I think that it is possible to go overboard with too many of them. Maybe use just one or two to add that little bit of class. The swinging spiders web just shows my rather weird sense of humour