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Free 3D Wedding Anniversary animations

It's only our pearl anniversary

anniversary cardDot and myself, of Sevenoaks Art have seen our pearl anniversary and are half way to the ruby one.

A collection of wedding anniversary animations, download and add them to an email or a posting on your blog. The animated text represents the material of that specific anniversary and on this page we have added paper, wooden, aluminium, crystal and china. For more wedding anniversaries please click the link at the bottom of the page.

Paper wedding anniversary
animated ruby
Paper anniversary - One year
Wooden anniversary - Five years
Aluminium anniversary - Ten years
Crystal anniversary - Fifteen years
China anniversary - Twenty years

Paper, wooden, aluminium, crystal and china wedding anniversaries

Happy anniversary cubeOK so weddings may not be as popular as they used to be and a lot of couples live together as partners rather than being married. I have made these animations for the old fashioned married couples like us. They probably cannot be used if the couple are not married unless you use them as a symbol of the time they have been together. We actually lived together for some time before getting married and a lot of our friends are really surprised that we have managed to stay together for so many years because we are so unalike and have a lot of different interests apart from this website.