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wedding champagneThis is my selection of wedding animations. When I got married I had one day off from work and went to the registry office with a small group of close friends and relations. A couple of weeks later I had a honeymoon at Butlins, Clacton on the East coast of the UK. they had a Generation Game type of show at the theatre one evening and we were invited onto stage as the honeymoon couple. We won a couple of prizes and because I was a milkman at that time every where we went around the camp people would shout out "Hello Milky" Its nice to have just a little fame for a few days.

We have now been together for over 35 lively years, we do not always see eye to eye but we have mellowed a lot since the very early days.

animated wedding cake
animated wedding bell
white rose and horseshoe
learner, just married
animated wedding church bells
wedding flowers
wedding roses
just married present
wedding rings animated

wedding Bible champagne cross cupid just married wedding horse shoe wedding bells flowers wedding present wedding rings

Some old, some new gif animations

The wedding cake, church bells and rose with horse shoe were made many years ago just for this webpage , I have improved on them since and added a few little extras. The just married, white roses and wedding ring animations were a very much later addition and very suitable for this page. The bells now have a much better reflection effect than the old original ones and a simple photograph of some roses superimposed on our cube really looks the part for any wedding theme blog or website.