All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated buttons, bullets and stuff for website construction

Loads of animated stuff that can help you build a blog or website

website under construction signA selection of animations and messages that you can use when building your website. A few animations can set things off nicely and even even bring attention to certain things like credit card availability, password protected or even website under construction.
There are some ready made animated buttons, some mouse over buttons that throw a nice shadow when activated, easy to do in Dreamweaver, (You will need to add text in a photo editing program) My email buttons are something else altogether and your visitor will certainly notice your email link if you use one of ours.
I have some very colourful bullets arrows and even an animated background.

If you are fed up with the standard boring 404 error page then liven it up with some of my animations and make your visitors chuckle if they try to open a page on your website that does not exist. If you have a page that takes time to load and you know how to implement it we have even made some small and simple page loading animations.

Never had a website award, why worry neither have I, but I do have some animated awards you could give to your self or if you are feeling generous give to one of your friends websites.

If you have a merchant website I have some animated credit card buttons and a lot of message and labels are available by clicking that link in the category menu to the right.