All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free webpage backgrounds including one animated one

Backgrounds that I have used for my website

cool spinOver the years I have tried a lot of different backgrounds and at the moment I'm quite happy with the one that I use. The others on this page are a few experiments and if you see something you like download it and see how it works. Anything that I make I like to share and webpage backgrounds are no exception. They are all tiled to repeat nicely so that you do not see the join. Of course it is possible to use any of my gif animations as a background as they would be repeated across the whole page but you may just find any visitors will find it a little distracting. The bottom right hand one is animated, give it a little time and you will see the animation.

Right click over background and then " save background as "


I have an animated webpage background.

This collection are the backgrounds that I have used over the past ten years. I love to experiment and it is easy to make an image so it tiles nicely and you do not see the join. I have also always used pastel colours so that the background does not jump out and shout at you. I realize this is not a big selection compared to some that you will find on some websites but we can honestly say that they have all been made here and not collected from all sorts of odd places on the internet.

Take a look at some animated bullets and page dividers on the link below.