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Free 3D animated Website and blog awards

The special Sevenoaks Art Website award, just help yourself

animated sevenoaks art medalSo many people are offering website and blog awards. I thought we would join them. You only know the effort and work that went into your website so why not award yourself one of the animated website awards below. Of course you may want to award another web sites or blog you have seen one of these awards. They have all been created from 3D CAD software especially for this webpage. The animated Sevenoaks Art logo to the left is not exactly an award but it can be used as a logo on your webpage or blog if you want to link to our website.
We have a funny blog awards page and we give a special animated badge to any really funny blogs that we come across. Its a fun thing and we do not take it too seriously.

animated website award shield
animated medal
website award cup animation
Excellent blog award
monkey blog award
excellent blog award
excellent website award
monkey website award

We ain't never got a website award

I have won awards for my animations but have won a couple of prizes with competitions we entered. Our website as a whole has never won an award, maybe we should stick one of our own animated awards on our home page to try and impress the daily twenty visitors that I get. There is nothing like blowing your own trumpet, sometimes no one else will.

These animations are free, copyright free and are ready for you to download