All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated weather symbols

We prefer sunny conditions

spinnin sun weather symbolSome weather animations and symbols. We have here classic examples of 3d animations used to their full benefit. The umbrella, sun, weather vane and all the small weather symbols created especially for this page. At one time we had my ugly face gurning in the centre of the sun. I thought it was funny but Dot eventually persuaded me to replace it so I have made the spinning smiley replacement.
I think that the cloud technique used on the bottom eight animations is unusual yet effective.

animated umbrela
animated weather vane
sun animation
windy weather
cloudy weather symbol
stormy symbol
snow eather symbol
sunny and cloudy weather symbol
sunny weather symbol
rain weather symbol
severe weather warning animated symbol

All weather symbols made by Dave

Animations for a few weather conditions Once again you can see that I once worked as an artist for a wrought iron company, the weathervane brought back some happy memories when I used to draw out all sorts of silhouettes for special weather vanes and even modelled up a pattern for a weather vane to commemorate Sir Alec Rose's circumnavigation of the world in his yacht the "Lively Lady ".
All standalone weather animations with a transparent background that would look good placed on a light coloured background of your choice

If it is raining, snowing, sunny, windy or just cool we have the animated weather symbol for you.