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3D animated wasps

Do wasps have a purpose in life?

waspsMaybe a strange collection but we built a web page for our nephew who has a pest control control business and specializes in destroying wasps and thought an animated wasp would brighten up the page a little.

When I was boy I decide to try and destroy a wasp nest in a compost heap in the garden. I filled a milk bottle with bleach and then added Epsom salts and several other chemicals to it which made it foam violently and rammed it into the entrance of the wasp nest. Needless to say I got stung but I did succeed in destroying all those wasps

rotating wasp animation
wasp animation
animated wasp
animated wasp nest
wasp with nest background
wasp cube

Apple picking and wasps

Of all the insects that I have come across the wasp has given me the most stings. When I was younger I used to do a lot of apple picking in the lush green orchards of Kent and the wasps would love to eat some of the apples I was trying to pick. Needless to say you cannot always see them and many a time I was stung on the hand or even had them attack me. That is no joke if you are at the top of an apple picking ladder.

Every house we have ever lived in seems to have had a wasp nest at some time. Our garage conversion now seems to have one in the roof so it is time to call in the experts. Not a well liked insect but it does have its use in nature