All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated warning signs.

Danger animations

warning sign animatedSome more special 3D models were made for this set of animations. I used existing goggle and beer can but combined them in the drawing program. I modified the sign in the love box and added some extra legs, just what are they up to ? The toxic content was a model "borrowed" from the Halloween collection and the helmet was specially drawn. The message on the cigarette pack is the standard message you will see on all cigarettes sold in the UK. Lets hope you have a use for my crazy warning animations

danger sign
warning triangle
Danger sign
beer goggles
smoking kills
animated male cube
toxic content warning
man at work animation
use protection animation

Can you use these warning animations?

danger sign animatedSometimes when I browse the internet I find our animations on all sorts of web pages and I do wonder if these will be of use as we have not seen them elsewhere yet. Understandable because like a lot of our stuff it can be very strange and only have a limited use.

It is said that a good pair of beer goggles will make women look gorgeous, wish I had a decent pair cos the ones I have do not work when I look at Dot. The man at work seems very happy in his work and so does the person in a bath of toxic content, warning animations that could be used for some website and blog content.
Of course use protection speaks for itself and my helmet should be used as often as possible.