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visit the forum animationI get the occasional email asking for advice about my animations and how to upload them, optimize them and even modify them so I decided to set up a forum to not only help but also have a chat with some of our visitors (if they want to chat with us). One way is to set one up on the server that hosts my website, this looks a little difficult for a not too bright individual like me so I looked at the simple option of setting one up with one of the free forum hosting services. The first one I tried looked very nice but when setting it up we got the annoying pop up messages when I tried to leave an advertising page asking if I really wanted to leave. After that anyone that signed up got several spam emails. I gave that one a miss. The second we tried was very easy to setup but once running had those text link adds that popped up a message when you hovered over them. I was third time lucky with ProBoards, It has a lot of nice little extras and even has app's for your mobile phone. The first two weeks are ads free and after that banner ads will appear (They have to pay for this free service somehow) but I may take the option of paying for a banner free service.

Edit - I have now taken the option of using Google+ to talk to people who visit this web site but these animations may still be handy for some people.

visit my forum animation
Forum ipad animation
animated laptop
visit our forum cube
visit teddy's forum
forum invitation

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These please visit my forum animations have been made from a selection of different CAD drawings that we have used on other animations. It was an easy matter to change the text and modify them although I am not too sure if a teddy bear banging a drum is in the right context for this message. He is rather cute though and would certainly let your visitors know you have a forum.