All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D animated violins, including a one armed fiddler

A very difficult animation to make

peacock butterflyThe animation in the top row were a real challenge and took days to build in the CAD package. For so much time used to produce just a small animation like this is frightening but I like to think that you have an animated gif of the highest quality. The hardest part was getting all the curves correct and when you think that a computer CAD package only creates straight lines you may understand the problem. I have been a joiner in my time and looking closely at the construction of these violins can only marvel at the skill need to produce such a work of art. I could make a good door or window, violin NO way. I hope someone can find a good use for these after all my hard work, but then again I really enjoyed the challenge

animated Violin playing
spinning violin animation
violin playing animation
one armed fiddler

The Acorn men just love to pop up on any of our pages

Spinning violin animation and animated violins playing soft music. An ideal animation for a blog or website about playing the violin. On the bottom row I have added a couple of my cube animations with two different violin graphics and the acorn man playing the violin came from my webpage "about much use as" and was my interpretation of a one armed fiddler. Its an example of how some of my models can be used on other animations.