All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Vegetables - animated gifs with a difference

I love Branston baked beans even if they make me windy.

jet propelled carrotNow this is a strange and wonderful selection of vegetable. Blame me for this selection, leave me alone to make something like this and what do I come up with, baked beans, how I love the Branston brand. An acorn person with a pea pod in his hands asking if you want a pea and an animated leek. Talk about double entendres. Then we have a jet propelled carrot, who is going to use that, a jet propelled rabbit? The tomatoes and peas are the only really sensible animations left. Enjoy this weird and wonderful selection of my special animations because I really enjoyed making them.

animated baked beans
do you want a pea animation
animated pumpkin
animated pea pod
animated leek
tomato animation

Some very strange vegetable animations

lettucePea, tomato, pumpkin,lettuce, jet propelled carrot, leek and a tin of baked beans, that's my idea of a complete selection of vegetables, especially the baked beans. I love beans of any kind, butter beans, broad beans, kidney beans and especially runner beans. My good neighbor Ian grows them and I always get a good supply in the summer .

Technically speaking the tomato is a fruit but most people treat them like a vegetable especially in cooking