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Free 3D Rose and butterflies animations

Using two of my favourite models created one animation

animated roseA classic example of how to use two 3D models and combine them into one animation. We have many butterfly models and it is an easy job to render the wings with different patterns. The rose was one of our first models so we incorporated three of them to make a small rose tree. These are true 3D models hence the shadows on the roses. They are made with a transparent background for a light coloured background so that you can plant them on top of a textured webpage background if you want to.

orange roses and animated butterflies
yellow butterflies on pink rose animation
Butterflies and red rose animation
White roses and pink butterflies

Many more 3D animated butterflies are available on this website

Rose and butterfly cubeWith all these butterflies fluttering their wings it can make you feel quite dizzy looking at this webpage but I really do like the effect. Sometimes the hours of work put into making an animation can be very satisfying when you get good results like this. It is not always the case and quite a few animations that I make are not considered god enough by Dot and do not make the pages of this website.

Since the early days over ten years ago roses and butterflies have always played an important part in Sevenoaks Art and you find a lot more similar animations.