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Free Happy Valentine's day animated gifs

My teddy bear wishes you a happy Valentine's day

ButterflyMore unusual free Happy Valentines day animations. I like to keep page downloading speed to a minimum and have not put too many animations on one page. I tend to feel that there is nothing more annoying than to wait for a page of graphics to slowly download. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this website was originally built in the days of the 36k modem and everything took for ever to download. I have used our standard butterfly, teddy bear and ipod 3D models for these animations and then created a special love bug that is rather creepy and not to everyone's taste.

Dancing Valentines Teddy
Teddy smelling valentines rose
Teddy singing romantic song
Butterfly with heart wings
 Valentines ipod
Love bug

A heart winged butterfly, valentines ipod, Valentines day love bug and some very happy teddy bears
Send that special person one of these free valentines day gifs by Dave
of Sevenoaks Art. More original 3D animations available on links below