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Valentine's day animations with a difference

Clown fishThis is a most unusual collection of Valentines Day animations, probably unlike anything you may find else where on the internet. I like to make things a little differently to every body else and have used some of my 3D models in a most unusual way so that you can send a Valentines Day Message or add to your blog or web page. I hope that you like this collection and can maybe find a use for some of these 3D animations.
I have made three pages with six animations on each and some of the other pages have more romantic animations on but they all use the same 3D technique as used on this web page and in fact used all over our website in general. I rather like the "I want you for Valentine's day" animation, I had made this animation and could not find a lot of use for it ( I can change the wording easily) but thought it works well in this context.

Champagne for Valentines Day
Valentines day guitar
I want you for my Valentine
I love you animation
Clown fish Valentines animation
Be my Valentine animation

My collection of Valentines Day animations. An original collection made by here and not a rag tag collection gathered from obscure corners of the internet. My animations are all copyright free and can be used for any purpose other than adding them to other online animated gif collections.

I have made even more "be my Valentine animations" for this one special day each year - see links below