All animations created by Dave Sutton

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You have to be very brave to use these on your website

Is this a crap webpageI have looked on the internet for similar animations and I have found none. What you have here are some very original animated gifs. To most people the logic behind this is obvious, if you do not like the content on a webpage, click the back button. Why have an animated button to tell people this. The sad fact is that some people will complain that they do not like your content so the answer is to use one of these on your webpage and save time answering emails or comments on forums.

Rubbish content use the back button
animated opening gates
Panda says use the back button
Monkey says use the back button
don't like bacon Use the back button
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Some new, some using existing models

Use the toilet or the back buttonThese animations were suggested by a friend on Google+. Someone had a look at my profile and then sent a comment that they did not like my content or the way my page had been set up.

I have a lot of existing 3D models and in a case like this it was easy to modify them to suit.
Most of the work involved was creating a texture as a JPEG that could be applied to the model, rendered and then animated. A couple were brand new, created in 3D CAD software and tucked away for possible future use.

On a lot of my pages you will find monkeys and toilets, some people even say that I have an obsession with toilets. That may be a British thing as we certainly like toilet humour in the UK.

So the choice is yours, do you use one of these animations on your blog or webpage and take the risk that you may insult your visitor or do you just rely on the common sense of the people who visit your webpage..