All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D Website under construction animations

Building a website, not yet finished, use one of my animations

animated light bulbSometimes a prominent website under construction animation can be very handy especially if you are testing several web pages and want to see how they look "Live" . I have not used any of these graphics as I prefer to make my web pages complete before uploading. Some of the 3D models were made especially for this web page and I particularly like the transparent effect on the balloons. Sadly they are not transparent to the background graphics on a web page but it is something that can be achieved with a Flash animation or an animated png.

under construction animated sign
website under construction balloons
site under construction warning sign
website under construction animated badge
animated under construction helmet
website under construction cube
under construction tools
under construction text
hammer and website sign

Use an original animated gif for your website

When you want to get your website onto the internet but have not completed all the work let your visitors know with these brightly coloured under construction animations. Original animated gifs made by me and not collected from the web. The first and third animated signs top row were made for this webpage, the rest are 3D models that I had already made but had modified to suit. With a good library of 3D models that we are building the range of possible animated gifs are become endless.

I have used the balloon floating sign and put into a layer that is attached to a timeline to give the impression of floating around the webpage. As it has a transparent background the content on that page will show through.