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Proud to be from Ulster - Irish Teddy Bear and monkey

football bulletUlster, one of four provinces in Northern Ireland. Most people speak English and to me the accent can sound very beautiful and melodic although it can sometimes be very broad and difficult to understand. I'm learning Greek but I want to use it in Cyprus. The Irish accent and the way it sounds to us English can be compared to a Cypriot accent and the way it sounds to mainland Greek people. The CD I'm using to try and speak Greek comes from mainland Greece so I speak Greek with an English and a Greek accent when in Cyprus. This can create problems but it is great fun trying to communicate with non English speaking Cypriots. The Ulster teddy bear was another animation that was requested.

Teddy from Ulster
animated Ulster flag
Animated monkey from Ulster

Ulster Teddy and monkey, they will become your best friends if you treat them correctly. Do not mess with them. Quite a complicated pattern to make as a teddies waist coat but I have done our best. In fact I will blow my own trumpet and say that he looks just great!