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Free 3D UFO animated gifs

Flying saucers, ufo's and spinning world globes

abstract bulletYou would never believe the problems I had making the animated world. I decided to make it as a complete 3D model with all the countries made as a solid object. It took me hours, maybe days to try and get it right and in the end it would have been a lot simpler to have drawn a sphere and rendered it with a map from an Atlas. The Solar planets used this technique and they are not too bad. The UFO animations were an experiment in rotating animations and using variable light brightness on the outer shell. Tricky but effective. I have used this technique in other animations and I am still improving my results

rotating Earth animation
ufo animated gif
ufo cube
animated ufo
earth animation
ufo animation
ufo cube animation
ufo animation

Cyberman head K9 Mars Dalek Moon Silurian Alien sontaran alien Saturn Tardis Cyberman alien

How to use these animations

The top row of animated UFO's and the Earth have a transparent background and are suitable for light coloured webpage backgrounds. The bottom row are animations for a dark coloured background which is probably the better option.
The middle UFO animations looks good if placed on a timeline on a web page so that it can move about. Placed into a Flash movie it works extremely well , I have experimented with this and got some very good results.
Like most of our animations these work best when placed on your own background and there is no reason you cannot use some alien landscapes or something similar.