All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Travel animations, aircraft, baggage, passport gifs

We love to travel, especially to Cyprus

aircraft zoomWe travel to Cyprus about 3 times a year so it was only natural that we should make some Travel animations. The flag was created using our standard flag animation template but the other animations were created especially for this web page. The aircraft took about two days to make and we think is quite an accurate model. The suitcase was made as a 3d model rendered with photographs of our battered cases that have seen better days. A similar procedure was used to make the passport. Have fun with this stuff and if you are traveling have a nice trip

Baggage animation
animated jet aircraft
animated passport
aircraft cube
holiday flag
boat cube

Even an animation for Monarch Airlines

tunisia animationWe use Monarch airlines on most of our trips abroad so thought it only right that we should make a Monarch jet. They do not give a bad service and it is so easy to book the seat of your choice and check your baggage in online. They also compensated us for an enforced stay in Cyprus because of the volcanic ash problem.
The suitcase was fabricated from a photograph of our battered baggage that has seen better days but we do not like to part with them because they are so easily recognizable when on the baggage collection roundabout..

Animations that would suit a travel website or blog or use them to let people know what a good holiday you had.