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Transport animations. Trains, bus, aircraft, cars, moped

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

Red BusI was brought up in South East London so a good old fashioned red bus was one of things I just had to make. I also made a few more red objects that you may just find in London including a red telephone box.
The speed trap animations were made because I got a speeding ticket just after I had bought my Golf GTI and exceeded the speed limit by a couple of miles per hour and took out my frustration by exploding them in these animations. I can judge the speed I am doing quite accurately by not looking at the speedo but completely misjudged it in the new car. I tend to look at the speedo a little more often these days. The person actually riding the moped has got my face superimposed on him, I really used to ride a moped everywhere and it could always get through the snow where cars could not. Very handy when I was a milkman and needed to get to work very early in the morning but not the best thing to warm you up before getting into an unheated milk float.

I use Monarch airways a lot and can recommend them so we made a Monarch jet aircraft animation, that took me some considerable time to make but the results look good.. The luggage and passport was based on the ones that I have which are now battered and well travelled. The spitfires on the transport page were originally made for a very good friend who displayed his own hand models outside his house, I have included some details and photographs of his displays.