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3D animated train, Kit car and Spitfire gifs

Really detailed work in creating these animations

cog buttonThe spitfire and Kit car were the first real detailed 3D models that I made. I really have not used them that much as models for other animations but who knows, the opportunity may arise. We did have a web page called Captain Coconuts animations, that was years ago and it faded into obscurity. My nickname at work was Captain so I had to make a model of captain to sit in the kit car. Fortunately I do not have a black bushy beard but just maybe I will find a use for the Captain in another animation

animated kit car with Captain driving
spitfire animation
kit car animation
Spitfire animation about to land
animated toy train
spitfire looping the loop

Its fun converting some of my complicated models into animations

A nice collection of animated 3D models, they are quite old and were some of my first attempts at 3D modelling. The kit car was to help my son in a university project, the Spitfire was inspired by a good friend called Frank Standford who used to have many models of World War 2 aircraft on show outside his house. A lot of my models are available as Google Sketchup models that you can download and manipulate in the free Sketchup program. I love trains, especially steam trains, I used to go train spotting as a kid, and although the train on this page is a toy train I do intend to make a good realistic 3D animation of a locomotive. It's finding the time to do it that is the problem.