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How to make rotating toy bricks in Paint Shop Pro 8

Paint Shop Pro 8 is a rather old program but still available on the internet, I have seen it on Ebay at a reasonable price.

The alphabets are in 2 folders, "bricks1" and "letters", the brick folder has an alphabet on a toy brick together with a
blank animation and the letter folder has an alphabet that can be applied in PSP8 to the face of the brick

rotating brick
rotating letter
Rotating brick
Rotating letter

Download the toy brick collection here

A further zip folder which contains images that can be applied to the blank face of the brick. Images in this folder are

tiger brick


Wild thing

Download the image collection here

Make your own rotating images - click here for tutorial

So for this tutorial let's make a "good luck" animation

Open up Jasc animation shop from PSP 8 - File - Jasc software products - Launch animation shop

In animation shop open the animations G O D Lt Ut Ct Kt, they will fill the page but do not worry.
You will need to copy animation O so select first frame of that animation and using the shift key and arrow right key highlight all the frames.
Click Edit - copy and then Edit - Paste as new animation
You now have all the animations ready to work on.

Drag across to a free space animations G and Lt


Zoom in by using the middle wheel on your mouse to frames F4 on each animation.


Click on the registration mark (third button along as illustrated here)
Click onto the corners of frame 4 of both animations , if you do not get it right first time just click again

It should look like this


If you look carefully you can see the mark in the top left hand corner where the images have to line up
It is important that these marks are correct.


Click on arrow button (first button as illustrated here)
Click on frame 1 of Lt (Top animation as above) and with shift and arrow right key highlight all.

Now the good bit! Drag frame one of Lt down onto frame one of G and release - a new animation is created. Make sure that you dragged from frame one to frame one , if it went wrong just click the top of each animation and click the undo button (First one below)


Check that the animation works View - animation

Delete the empty frame strip and repeat combining - 0 and Ut - O and Ct - D and Kt

Open up the blank animation from the bricks folder (Or make an eight frame blank yourself) and drag the GL combined animation close to it


Highlight all the GL animation (shift plus arrow right key) and drag down frame 1 into frame one of blank, aligning
nicely with checkered background. Repeat with the other finished bricks so that you end up with something like this.

good bricks

By right clicking frames 4 and then 8 you can modify the display time on those frames
Right click - frame properties - display time

Crop animation to size (Fourth button in)


File - Save - save as best quality on pointer, click customize button and on partial transparency tab use these settings

dialogue box

Give it a file name and save it to a folder

finished animation