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Go on, make my day, 3D animations with a difference

Gun shotAs usual I have taken a different approach with the pen and pencil animations, I like to think that this has made my work a little better than most animations found on the internet. I certainly do not scrounge and gather other peoples work and add to one big collection which is then plastered with ads to earn as much money as possible. Sometimes the ads take over from what the page was originally supposed to do, and that is to display animations.
For years I was a joiner, yes I have had a lot of jobs but have always said that "variety is the spice of life" ( That saying could make a good animation ) and have therefore made a few animated carpentry tools. I really need to add a few more other types of tools as well. One of the guns was made as a sketchup model and is available as a free download from Google to be used in their free software. The swords were a suggested animation from one of our visitors. maybe we should add some battle axes or something similar. This little collection is on the list for more new animations to be made at some time, our collection gets bigger and bigger all the time.

All my work is first started in a CAD program, often manipulated in several frames or windows and are then exported as DXF files into a rendering program. After that is completed I use Jasc animation shop to make the animation. It is a not a fast easy job to make any of our animations so you a getting a real bargain by getting them free of charge. I get the pleasure out of making them but now that I'm retired would never object to any small donations placed into our PayPal account.