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Animated tools - hammer - drill - saw - plane animations

Don't tell me that this animation is boring

animated drillFor many years I worked as a machine setter, wood machinist and then became a joiner so I had collected a good set of tools. Now that I have retired and no longer work “ on the tools ” my builder son has inherited most of them. I always opted for good quality tools and I had an Estwing hammer, very expensive but so well balanced , if you have used one you will know what I mean. This collection of animated tools, mostly carpentry ones are free to download and use for any of your projects. They were all drawn in a 3D CAD software package first and then converted into an animation.

block plane animation
Animated saw cutting through wood
Animated hammer
animated chisel
animated mallet
animated screwdriver

I have used all of these tools as a living

Some animated tools, all carpentry ones, may have something to do with me being a joiner and wood machinist years ago.
Strange thing was that the front and back door were falling apart and the kitchen had doors and drawers falling off when I
was joiner. I now have a son who is a builder still living at home who does all these jobs for me when he finds time to get around to it.
These animations have all been created as CAD 3D drawings and then converted into animated gifs which means that I can use these drawings to make more animations and can view them from any angle. The hammer has actually been used in quite a few other animations on this website.