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Animated Tiger Barbs, free 3D tropical fish

Aggressive little fish at times

tiger barb animationTiger barb, another fresh water tropical fish, brightly coloured and about 2 inches long. Not an expensive fish to buy and easy to keep. They look very good in larger quantities and if you mix them with other fish put them with the faster moving ones like platys and catfish.
I love these fish but it is not advisable to put them in a community tank as they can terrorize other fish although it is reported that in fairly large groups they attack each other rather than the other fish in the tank. Someone once said to me that any fish with vertical stripes are not really suitable for a mixed community tank

rotating tiger barb
Tiger barb big
small tiger barb
tropical fish badge
small aquarium
tiger barb cube

The CAD 3D model for these tiger barbs was the first tropical fish animation that I made.
Exact details on how I made it are available here

I have successfully added this animation to a Flash movie and created some nice tropical fish tanks