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Free animated tigers

My first attempt at a 3D rendered tiger animation

Tiger silhouetteThe basic shape for the 3D tigers head created in the CAD package did not really look like a tiger at all and when the whiskers were added it looked like nothing on earth. In fact the whiskers were the biggest problem. Even after they were made as a drawing, trying to make a transparent background with such a fine object tended to leave a slight halo around them.

After hours of experimenting I eventually made them so that they did not look too bad on a light coloured background. Probably not one of my best pages but I gained a lot of experience here and it helped me to create bigger and better tiger animations

Tigers head animation
spinning tiger badge
3D tiger's head animation
animated tiger on cube
Tiger morph to cat
tiger on animated cube

An experimental tiger animation that started it all off

Tiger silhouette2The tigers heads were one of my first experimental animations with a photograph rendered onto a very rough CAD model.
Google Sketchup, a free 3D modeling package are now offering a similar technique to make realistic images.

The spinning button effect is quite popular on this site and they are quite easy to make and are effective.
Place these stand alone tiger animations with a transparent background on a forest or tropical background and they will look the cat’s whiskers