All animations created by Dave Sutton

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The Beatles gif animations and logos

I had to be a mod just like the Beatles Fender sonic blue stratocaster animation

In 1963 I was working in a hardware shop at the sweet age of 16. That was when I first heard of the Beatles. Out went the Brylcream Teddy boy style hair and in came the soft Beatle style haircut. Even in the shop I was selling Beatles wallpaper and customers would comment on my hair style. ( Wish I had some hair now ) Overnight I became a mod and within a year had a light blue mod Lambretta scooter with 6 wing mirrors that vibrated so much you could not use them, a chrome sports silencer, passenger back rest and spare tyre and a special dark blue seat.
I could not afford every Beatles record in those days but I invested in a Phillips portable tape recorder bought from Currys ( just a little shop then ) on “ hire purchase ” That way I managed to get every single record available on the radio, often with DJ talk over. Piracy went on even in those days.

50 years on and my dress sense has changed, I live in jeans, trainers and T shirts but my taste in music has not. I have my collection of Beatles music and have even transferred it to my iphone, very handy to have some music when in an isolated village in Cyprus by plugging in a portable speaker.

I have made a few animations. The Fender Sonic blue Stratocaster guitar was use by George and John around 1965 in the sessions for “Help” The other animations talk for themselves.

John once said the Beatles were more famous than Jesus. Probably because people could not afford televisions or radios when Jesus walked.

Beatles 45 animation
The Beatles Logo
Beatles sphere
The Beatle animated star
The Beatles animated flag
I want to be like Ringo

These are very special Beatles animations

For this collection of the animations I used one of my Fender guitar 3D models and rendered it with suitable colours and the Beatles logo. I can make any of my guitar animations in different colours and textures. The old fashioned record was rendered with photographs of the group, the spinning Beatles logo was specially constructed and the sphere is one of our standard models where any image can be animated within the globe. The star is like the star embedded into the Hollywood walk of fame in California and who can blame the teddy bear for wanting to be a drummer just like Ringo.