All animations created by Dave Sutton

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A page for anyone using Google+

Thank you for adding me animations

smiley thanks for addingI make no secret about it, I use Google+ and think it is a very good social network platform. It is the ideal place to show off some of my work and at the same time is a brilliant place to interact with people from all over the world. Language is no barrier as Chrome has an automatic translator

When people add me to their circles it is a great honour as I feel that I'm posting something of interest to them so I have made some animated gifs that simply say "Thank you for adding me" that can be added to a post when replying to someone that recently added you.

butterfly add me Balckbirds say thanks for adding me Uncle Sam says
kitten down the toilet Monkey says thank you for adding me Thank you heart

Something new, something borrowed

Thanks for adding me textMost of the animated gifs on this page have been created from existing 3D models that I made over the years and some have been crafted in my 3D software.
Hopefully a nice little selection and one of two animations that you can use on Google+ to show show your appreciation when someone adds you to their circles.