All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Neon Tetras. Animated tropical fish.

A very beautiful freshwater tropical fish

 neon tetra used a a bulletThey must be one of the most brightly coloured fresh water tropical fish. Only about 20mm long but they look fantastic if you have a shoal of maybe twenty. It is not advisable to put them into a tank with larger aggressive fish because they can soon become fish food. I love this little beauty but found because of its size it would succumb to fin rot very easily and a careful medical check was needed every so often. Breeding them is not easy and most are imported from places like Singapore and Thailand

rotating fish
animated neon tetra
neon tetra just hovering
spinning badge
animated aquarium
rotating cube with fish

Neon TetraMost of this collection based on a single 3D model I have built of a neon tetra and then animated from all different angles of view. I made the aquarium by planting several animations on top of an Aquarium background. There is no reason you cannot do this using one of the online image editors because these animations have a transparent background. The spinning cube and badge used our simple rotating model with an image applied to the faces.