All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Terms of use for animations from Sevenoaks Art

Treat me to a drink of Southern Comfort and make me happy

Terms of use animationYou can modify our work for commercial and private purposes without attribution. Some credit is always appreciated. If you feel guilty about using my work especially if on a commercial website a donation would be gratefully accepted. Now that I have retired I like to buy an occasional bottle of Southern Comfort to keep me happy. We have a Pay Pal donation button at the top of this webpage.

I just love making these animations and have no copyright on any of my work. They are all made by me, are original and not a rag tag collection from the internet as most animation sites are. If you use my work you are, in my opinion, getting the best animated gifs on the Internet that has taken me over ten years to create and display in this website.

You are also free to modify and change any animation to suite your needs, many of them have transparent backgrounds and can be planted on decorative web pages or even over other animations or images. Please do not add my work to another online collection. I made them, I showcase them and I do get a little annoyed to see some of my work openly displayed in other collections, often added and displayed in a very poor manner.

You should encounter no copyright problems with any of my animations, most have been created by me and some use images that have come from MorgueFile copyright free images or from Both these websites a very good source for graphics and photographs.

This collection of animated gifs are suitable for schoolchildren and students for use on their IT projects and I give my permission for any to be used in these projects. If you need written consent I'm only too pleased to give consent by email.