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Telephone hacking. Has your phone been hacked animations

How will you use these animations?

old telephoneMost times I enjoy myself making these animations, it's a strange hobby, something I never imagined I would even be interested in years ago but it's something creative and as I get older its not so easy to make all sorts of wooden articles as I did years ago. I was a joiner for many years and then worked as a Graphic artist for a furniture company. Now that I'm retired I let my creative juices run riot and make strange and wonderful animations like these. It is a great way to relax and have a chuckle as well. I am not sure how these animations can be used but I made them anyway so I hope you can have some fun with them.

has your telephone been hacked animation
who is listening to your calls
News of the World telephone
has your phone been tapped

It's been going on for too long

Phone hacking has been in the news a lot. Sadly it was the cause of the News of the World closing down when it was alleged that they had been involved in the interception of telephone message in an attempt to get news for their newspaper articles. I have no doubt that in this modern world and with all the technology available telephone hacking is a very common thing but very little get publicized about it. Maybe the thing we should be more concerned about is all the data that is being collected, I have no doubt that information I have posted here is in a big data base somewhere. It is getting to that stage where no person on this earth will have any privacy, but is that such a bad thing?

These animations have been made using a selection of different 3D models that I have created and combining them with text and graphics to produce these original graphics. The WOT NO animation has a whole page just devoted to all sorts of weird messages.