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A collection of strange dental animations

wind up false teethI hate the dentist and because of this I visit the dentist every six months. In this way I never have too much work done in one visit. For an old boy my teeth are not too bad, are all my own and I do not have too many fillings. I'm lucky because as a boy dental hygiene did not have a priority and I did not visit a dentist until I was 20. Good dental work since then has kept me with a good set of Knashers. The first thing we thought of when creating these pages was Spike Milligan and his wind up set of false animated teeth. The rest is fairly routine, we hope you like the Acorn tooth paste. Acorn is my Google nickname that I use on the forums and for the Google Sketchup 3D warehouse where I have a good collection of free sketchup models.

clean your teeth toothbrush
animated false teeth
Brush your teeth
animated toothpaste

Acorn toothpaste, get a smile like gleaming oak

Toothbrush cube animationThis collection of dentist animations were all made specifically for this web page although I did modify the toothpaste model and made it into a tube of oil paint for the artist animations webpage. I have yet to find another use for the toothbrushes and the wind up chattering false teeth but I have no doubt these models will be seen in some form or the other in another animation. Of course I had to add a couple of my favourite cube animations, small revolving cubes that I can add almost any image to, in this case some false teeth and a small toothbrush. My animations are not too large and do not take that much time to download so they can be used on blogs, websites, Google+ or even in forums