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Teddy Bears doing the most unusual things.

Are my Teddy bears famous yet, maybe not but they are getting old

Pohh Bearteddy bear playing pianoOne of my most popular pages, started over ten years ago and I'm still adding to it. The 3D model of Teddy is very basic and I have given movement to the arms legs and head within the CAD program that I use. This is one of the good things about my software, once the model is made I can set it up (In this case the teddy) and make it do a variety of things seen from different perspectives. Adding things like the existing rose, butterfly, beer bottle or even a toilet as in the naughty teddy collection becomes relatively easy. I also have an animated flag collection and thought it would be fun to make a selection of animated teddy bears waving and wearing their national flag. Who knows what they will get up to next.
The monkey in the piano animation is an example of our animated monkeys, they are getting up to all sorts of things on the monkey page.

 beer drinking teddy bear animated guitar playing teddy bear Teddy bear smelling of roses
teddy bear witch teddy I love uou LOL teddy bears
rotating bear gif
rose sniffing bear animation
British bear animation
honey bear animation
whats on my nose

teddy bear holding letter A Teddy boozer Animated British teddy bear Animated Teddy in rocking chair Milkman Teddy bear Farting teddy bear Drummer boy Teddy animation Teddy with butterfly on nose Happy Teddy Animated Teddy with guitar

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Teddy bears waving flagsAll the links above will take you to page with a teddy bear animation like the teddy with the Union Jack, national flag and monkey with his national colours on his waistcoat.
Feel free to use these on your blogs, add to emails, forums and on webpages but please do not add them to other online animated gif collections. I spent hours making these animations and I should have the privilege of showcasing them.
If I have missed out your national flag drop me an email and I will make it for you.