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Animated Tardis from the Dr Who series

New technique used for making this animation

Tardis in spaceThe animation to the left was made by actually adding the background in Artlantis and not combining two separate animations or graphics as I have done with many of the animations on this website. Using this technique has ruled out any chance of a halo around the animated object, i.e. the Tardis in this case, and has made a very smooth and realist animation.

Middle animation below has a black background and the two spinning Tardis have a transparent background for use on dark web page backgrounds. The Tardis was quite easy to build in the CAD software as it had many repetitive objects. To make it spin was easy but to get a good flashing light and shadow effect took a lot of work in Artlantis, the software we use to add colour and lighting effects. I then added a sunburst effect in Paint Shop Pro

spinning Tardis
Tardis special lighting effect
Tardis animation
animated spinning tardis
animated dalek in tardis
tardis spinning in space animation
Tardis whats inside
Top row of tardis are suitable for a dark colour back ground, bottom row has a transparent background suitable for a light colour webpage.

I can remember when these police boxes were in use and not as a Tardis

Tardis stands for Time and relative dimensions in space. Used by Dr Who and constructed by the time lords as a time and space traveling machine. It was stolen from the Time Lords on the planet Gallifrey and has been locked in the shape of a police box. Originally it would change shape to suit its surroundings. I would love one of these old fashioned police boxes in my garden, together with a red telephone box.
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