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Katana, Sabre, Excalibur and a Pirates cutlass

If you find these sword animations too large you can always make them smaller

animated buttonThis collection started because I had a request for swords and because I had made a pirates page with a cutlass on I remembered that request. Maybe I should have made these animations a little smaller but I was undecided because a lot of the finer detail would have been lost. A possible sub section of this page could be battle axes, daggers and other hand weapons. I also have guns on anther page. All my animations are created here and it takes time to add to the collection, so far it has taken over twelve years to make everything on Sevenoaks Art and I'm still going strong.

To my mind the excalibur will always be that one special sword that has a link back in British folklaw.

animated Samurai sword
Excalibur animation

Katana or Samurai sword with a curved single edge blade and a grip for two hands


Excalibur, the sword associated with King Arthur and the knights of the round table

animated sabre
Animated cutlass

Sabre, used in fencing and also a military sword.
Has a hand guard and often a curved blade


Pirates Cutlass, "ho ho ho and a bottle of rum"

All original animations

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