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A fun page about Swine flu.

Bend over Mr. Pig and have the swine flu jab

welsh dragon emblemEvery so often we seem to get a swine flu epidemic (Sometimes called hog flu or pig flu) and there is a mad rush for the flu jab. It can be fatal so the UK government set up a hotline in 2009 when we had a pandemic so that people could ring, get advise and obtain antiviral drugs. On the internet they had a questionnaire that you fill in and it gave you a diagnosis as to whether you have swine flu or not although we prefer the old fashioned approach of letting a GP look at us. This virus cannot be spread by eating pork and is contracted by person to person contact, breathing the same air, touching the same objects, coughing, sneezing and then touching your face. It proportionally effects all people of all age groups. Obesity and respiratory disease are the strongest risk factors. Symptoms of this virus include Difficulty breathing, pain in the chest, dizziness, confusion, sickness and low temperature.

Trust me. I'm a doctor
Get the flu jab
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The government offered this advice which cost us millions

Our advice costs nothing and you get extra swine flu animations as well.
  1. Cover your mouth when sneezing and use a tissue.
  2. Get rid of the tissue quickly. Wash your hands afterwards.
  3. Clean all hard surfaces with a normal cleaning liquid.
  4. If you get any flu stay at home and do not spread it.
  5. Take non prescription medicines.
  6. Drink plenty.
  7. Forget about the face masks and concentrate on the advice above.