All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Sweet animations, plenty of licorice

licorice allsort pinkMy young grand daughter suggested that I make this page with many of her animated favourite sweets. I must admit that I also have a very sweet tooth and would happily eat any of these, Pontefract cakes being one of my favorites>
Dot loves Bassetts licorice all sorts and if we buy a bag you can be certain that they do not last very long. It is often a special treat for the flight when we go on holiday. The all time favourite sweet for my old dad was jelly babies because he had ill fitting false teeth and he could suck on them with no problem.
I have also made a range of animated chocolate and chocolate bars available on the link below, if you want to bribe me I will do nearly anything for chocolate.

Pontefract cake jelly beans licorice stick
Jelly babies Licorice allsorts wine gums

black jelly baby mauve jelly bean wine gum red pink allsort winegum black black jelly bean orange jelly baby

All these animated sweets made especially for this page.

Licorice allsort sandwichSometimes I can use a 3D model I have made previously to create an animation but this page has taken me some considerable time because each sweet had to be made individually. I did not realize what a major project this would be when my grand daughter suggested such a thing. The upside to this is that I now have many more models that could be used for more animated gifs , you never know when you may need to add a sweet to an animation, although I cannot think of anything yet. The original idea was to make an animation of each individual sweet but I discovered that an animation looked so much better with a whole collection of sweets altogether.